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Body Stats & Progress

Personal trainers can easily record measurements, stats and photos with this app.

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From the point they start training with you, through to achieving their final goal, Fitfix gives you with the tools you need to track and monitor each of your clients
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Progress photos
Take progress photos of your clients with the camera built into your tablet. Quick and easy, show them how far they've come!
Advanced Calculations
A range of advanced body stats from Lean Muscle Mass to Max Heart Rate, BMR and Body Fat %
Choose Your Equations
An industry first, choose which equations YOU want to use! For example under BMR you can choose from Harris-Benedict, Mifflin St Jeor, Katch McArdle and more
Bluetooth Device Import
We support various heart rate monitors and body composition scales so you can import certain stats automatically
Targets and Progress Charts
Set individual client targets for any part of their body and plot their progress on our interactive progress charts


No more paper calculations or looking at charts, input your caliper measurements into Fitfix and it does it for you!
Choose your equation
We support a wide range of caliper equations from Jackson/Pollock 3, 4 and 7 to Parillo and more
Manual Adjustment
Not happy with the equation result? All totals can be adjusted manually so you can calculate body fat % any way you like
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